How To Maximize The Space And Beauty Of A Kitchen

The decision to renovate a kitchen is one of the most expensive and disruptive projects to take on as a homeowner. Kitchens are often renovated as the years of wear and tear start to show since they are the hardest working space in the home. Once the decision to renovate is made and the homeowner starts to investigate their new product options, improved function becomes a major factor in their decision making. What once worked for you might not be the most effective way to do things anymore. Modern technology has brought about new gadgets, appliances, and finishes that are visually attractive, well designed, and functional in a way that makes your life easier. A renovated and beautiful kitchen will also appeal to prospective home buyers more than an outdated one if you plan to sell your home in the near future since it is a project that many are reluctant to undertake.

However, while all of this is great, ensuring that the renovation meets expectations and the end result is stunning, you need to know where to focus. Making a kitchen functional and beautiful can often be a challenge for homeowners, particularly when its square footage is in short supply. If you feel like you’re faced with a lot of challenges, don’t worry! The experts at Atchison Architectural Interiors have faced these issues before and are happy to share our secrets with you to help you out. Read on to see how to maximize the space and beauty of a kitchen.

1. Make the most of the space available

Everybody wants more storage, but what can you do when the space is small? Look up! Take your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling and make the most of that unused wall area. An open space above the top cabinets just creates a place to collect dust. By raising the cabinetry, you can create the illusion of a more spacious kitchen. If you choose cabinets that are the same or similar to the color of the walls, they won’t create a contrast that draws attention to that area making the interior feel smaller.

Another good alternative is to install popular open shelving on your main wall of cabinets or above the cooktop. This can be a great spot to store items that you frequently use. Lastly, avoid installing a soffit, or if you have one, take it out. A soffit is a big, bulky, box-shaped structure that is sometimes built to hide all of the wiring and mechanical components between your cabinets and ceiling or if you have high ceilings, a way to keep costs down by not purchasing an additional row of upper cabinets. Avoid building a soffit and just use your cabinets to act as one even if there are mechanicals in one or two of the upper cabinets. This will ensure that your wiring is hidden while also giving you additional valuable storage space.

2. Choose a focal point

Try to establish a focal point in your kitchen. Focal points draw people in and make them focus on something specific. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure you’ve chosen the right spot for this showcase piece. A hood or hanging lighting above an island is a great way to create a focal point in a kitchen. Just remember that a focal point should add an artistic element that still complements the overall style of the space. Some of the most successful kitchen focal points draw attention subtly, while others are bold and vibrant. When choosing a focal point, bear in mind these simple rules:

  • Focal points need to be seen
  • Focal points need to reflect you and your kitchen’s aesthetic

3. Spend on cabinet hardware

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet hardware can make or break your kitchen design! We always suggest that you spend money on cabinet hardware, which is also called the jewelry of the kitchen. Your kitchen hardware must coordinate with the other elements and overall aesthetic vision of your kitchen, be comfortable to use, and improve the look and design of the room. Consider different finishes and compare them with existing elements and materials in your kitchen before making your decision.

When you begin to shop for your pulls and knobs, you will quickly find out that there is a huge selection of shapes, styles, and finishes. For instance, modern styled pulls will pair well with cabinets that are in a modern kitchen and offer a sleek essence of elegance in the space. It can be a bit overwhelming when you are coming to the topic of what knobs you want. However, it is essential to keep in mind that it is a choice that deserves your time and consideration.

4. Hire a professional designer

A professional designer will ensure that you get the best long-term value from your renovated kitchen in terms of aesthetics, function, style, and cost. Interior designers will help you avoid expensive mistakes and misgivings by exploring all of the options available to you and coming up with the best combination of floor plans, design, appliances, and materials. They’ll have your best interests at heart and help you determine how to make the space work for your needs and lifestyle whether your space is large and generous, or small and compact. They will also know the real estate marketplace and the designs and products that stand the test of time.

If you are looking for a luxury interior architect and designer in Chicago, then reach out to us at Atchison Architectural Interiors. We design classic and timeless spaces infused with a chic modern vibe. By merging classic and contemporary elements, our team creates fresh, sophisticated looks. Our interiors are elegantly balanced, carefully edited, and current with a thoughtful mix of furnishings, textures, finishes, and objects. We serve clients across Chicago, Palm Beach and Naples, Florida, Vail and Aspen, Colorado, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. To learn more about the services we offer, please click here. To get in touch with us, please click here.


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Atchison Architectural Interiors designs classic and timeless spaces infused with a chic modern vibe. By merging classic and contemporary elements, the team creates fresh, sophisticated looks. Their interiors are elegantly balanced, carefully edited, and current with a thoughtful mix of furnishings, textures, finishes, and objects.

Whether your aesthetic is contemporary or classic, nationally recognized interior designer, Jean Atchison, will work closely with you to bring your vision to reality and create a home that is uniquely your own.

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