Common Mistakes People Make With Their Interior Design

A home blended with the right design ideas, techniques, and furnishings is what every homeowner aspires to have. However, all spaces present design and functionality challenges, and it can be tricky to determine which home décor accessory will make or break a room design.

Apart from picking the best-looking furniture, achieving balance and scale within a space is equally important. Often these aspects are not considered while designing a space, making it difficult to curate the perfect additions to your home.

To help you spot common interior design errors before purchasing additions like furniture and fixtures, Atchison Architectural Interiors has put together and explained four of the most common mistakes people make with interior design when decorating without a professional.

1. Ignoring scale and proportion
One of the most common mistakes made when putting together an interior look is not considering the scale and proportion of home furnishings. What might look good in a large showroom space often is oversized for the smaller rooms of your home or apartment. For example, the sofas you choose may be too big or too small for your space, or they may have arms that are too wide or too thin, given the size of the space you have. The trick is to think about your space as a cityscape and then fill it with a combination of heights and proportions.

2. Not finding the right balance
Another common mistake is not maintaining a balance between furniture with exposed legs and furniture with upholstery. A room can look too leggy without enough upholstery to anchor the pieces to the floor. So, make sure you consider different furniture looks and styles before making a final decision

3. Picking similar height and style furnishings and décor
Often, most homeowners purchase items that are all the same height across the room. Furnishings need to create visual points that raise and lower one’s eye as they look around the room. A patterned rug can lower your eye, and artwork or a tall hanging light fixture will raise it. Filling a room with décor of various height combinations and proportions can really enhance the look and appeal of a room.

4. Falling for wrong décor items
Most clients make this mistake because they fall in love with an item and cannot visualize it in their space with the things they already own. As an interior designer, I understand that you want to incorporate many different décor pieces and styles and are often not able to settle for just one. But, just gathering items with no purpose or coordinated aesthetic point of view will end up with a room that does not hold together. Each individual item will shout “look at me” rather than blend well together. The best way to avoid this is to get in touch with a professional interior designer to help you plan and turn your space into an appealing and well-decorated home.

To avoid these and other common mistakes, reach out to the experts at Atchison Architectural Interiors. As an interior designer from Chicago, IL, I have over twenty-five years of experience designing classic and timeless spaces infused with a chic modern vibe. I have maintained a reputation for excellence in design and interior architecture and provide the highest level of professional service in their residential and commercial projects. I offer a range of interior design services to clients across Palm Beach and Naples, Florida; Vail and Aspen, Colorado; Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  


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Atchison Architectural Interiors designs classic and timeless spaces infused with a chic modern vibe. By merging classic and contemporary elements, the team creates fresh, sophisticated looks. Their interiors are elegantly balanced, carefully edited, and current with a thoughtful mix of furnishings, textures, finishes, and objects.

Whether your aesthetic is contemporary or classic, nationally recognized interior designer, Jean Atchison, will work closely with you to bring your vision to reality and create a home that is uniquely your own.

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